So, I'm going To be a Woman.

2016-04-01 11:09:42 by Chainswap

Alright peoples for whoever cares out there xD. I have been fighting an internal battle the past years of my life, and I have finally come out within the past couple months. I'am Transgendering, and I'm currently in the progress of doing so. I promise i'll be back to making the arts soon enough, and Thank you all for following me. I really appreciate it <3


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2016-04-01 11:23:21

Damn, doing that must take a lot of courage. I hope you come back with some before & after pics.

Chainswap responds:

It took years and years of built up emotions for me to. so yeah it takes a lot of courage, and thank you very much xD, and yes I will do some before and after pics and ill post them if you guys are interested when the time comes :b


2016-04-01 18:40:32

Transitioning takes time and you have my full support in doing so I am really happy for you =D
I will be looking forward to your return to us but until then take your time, and take care bud :D
no need to rush yourself to create and submit are when you're in the middle of all of this n.n
do keep us all updated though D:

Chainswap responds:

Okay for sure i'll take my time thank yuuuus <3. I'am very thankful for all the support, and i will keep updated. Its been a rough couple months but I'm hanging in there Q_Q


2016-04-02 14:30:50

As long as you are taking care of yourself I don't care what you do, but I would miss your art. So I'm glad to see that you will be coming back with some. That amazing coloring will pierce the heavens and allow the Seraphs to escape. Reee

Chainswap responds:

Thanks man xD", and yeah I plan to draw more often after I get my stuff sorted out more. I swear i will take care of myself and maybe I will draw a super colorful picture as my next piece just for you :D


2016-04-03 00:02:03

Best of luck to you

Chainswap responds:

Thank yuu <3


2016-05-01 01:03:36

Thats cool, hope it all goes well.

Chainswap responds:

So far it is going very well <3. I'm happy for the supports Q.Q