Been a Girl for a Month. >:p

2016-06-18 03:38:38 by Chainswap

So i have started taking hormone treatment medicine about a month ago. Had to go thru the process of Seeing a therapist and dealing myself, and it took me roughly 4 months to get to this point. I cant stress enough how happy I have been this past month. My mind is more clear. Its nice for a change not to want to hump everything i see XC. I have already been dealing with cramps, and you know what? That can go fk itself e_o. How you girls deal with cramps and still able to function and go about your daily life is absolutely amazing to me. I have gained way more respect for You girls <3. Like after dealing with my cramps for the first time ever it lasted 3 and a half days, and the day after that my body was so worn and tired that i couldnt physically get out of bed the whole day. I just wanted to break down and cry so much, and thats exactly what i did, and afterwards felt way better about myself. I have even noticed changes in my actual brain patterns. Like i find multi tasking easier, and I worry about too many things at once that its hard to sleep sometimes :L... Overall so far its been an extremely tiresome, yet painful experience that I'm So glad I get to the opportunity to go thru.


Thanks to whoever decided to take time and read this <3.


Also I will most likely post before, and after pics when this is all done if anyone is interested :b


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2016-06-18 03:44:35

Congratulations :3

Though I must say that these observed changes in your 'brain patterns' are unprecedented and I find them to be interesting to slight degree.

Oh well. Basically just posting you let you know that yeah, this has been read by someone and yeah, he thinks that it's interesting and is cheering for you <3

Chainswap responds:

Thank you for the support <3!!!

And its messing with a lot of smaller little things with my brain as well. Just yesterday I had to go Pee, and without even thinking about it I found myself sitting on the toilet instead :L, and trying to organize my brain and keep track of everything is proving to be quite the challenge.


2016-06-18 03:45:30

Uhhh.... okay, i'm feel insulted... men get cramps too in the private parts >:]

(Updated ) Chainswap responds:

I dont remember ever experiencing cramps below my gut before :b. I guess i just got lucky till now

It was so bad the other day I spent the entire day in bed hugging a heating pad xC


2016-06-18 03:46:34

But if for real, it's good for you
Since bieng a woman is harden then bieng a man
But i'm not sure about the brain patterns tho

Chainswap responds:

Im also finding it weird that my mind is being effected this much and thank you.


2016-06-18 03:46:57

Damnit, why can't newgrounds edit comments


2016-06-18 05:38:58

Congrats! And Men also get Dem Cramps As well... (-______-)

Chainswap responds:

I guess I just never really got them till now lol. I had no idea


2016-06-18 07:46:15

You got my full support

Chainswap responds:

thank yuuuuus <3


2016-06-19 11:51:31

Congrats! ^^ That can be a big deal I am sure to come to the decision and go through with it. I wish you the best as you become a new you and I hope that things only get better for you :)

(Updated ) Chainswap responds:

Yeah coming to terms with what I wanted to do or more so I needed to. It is crucial for my survival. I was just tired of suppressing the way I truly felt. One day I just decided to say fk it and I'm tired of being a miserable mess. I also hope anyone else out there that feels this way comes out and says fk it too <3

Not everyone in my life has accepted me. I mean my mom cant even look at me the same way, but none of that matters. I have to live with me, and the me I am now, I'm proud of.

also thank you!


2016-06-23 05:35:54

good to hear it went well :)

(Updated ) Chainswap responds:

Thank yuuusss <3

also I know I havent submitted anything in a long while xD
But I miss when you did Q_Q
Your art is inspiring to me in many ways.