my life and my crappy heart

2017-04-13 15:52:16 by Chainswap

so um i havent made anything new, cause had a heart attack and was in a coma for 2 weeks and, i had rehab for 3 long months. had to learn how to walk all over again, couldnt even write my name. now im out and no longer on hormones. im trying my damn best to get back on them, got to wait till i get on dissability lol would never ever thought in a million years at the age of 27 id be dissabled, life is werid so thats me right now for the  few out there cares and this took me liek 30 minuts to type this, i love all you guys and safe kiddos oh also dont expect any new stuff, I have to learn to draw all over again, FUK my life, the long hours of practice.-_____-


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2017-04-13 16:29:30

Hey just take your time to learn everything and get better. i hope your okay now and i'm sorry
that that happend to you. just be carefull right now and take your time caring for yourself.
i hope you get better soon ^_^


2017-04-13 23:45:35

I hope you'll be fine and be blessed.

Good luck!


2017-04-19 02:09:18

I'm really glad you are okay. Seriously. Take as long as you need. I'm sure a large amount of us will be waiting for you.


2017-07-02 16:19:56

That's horrible and I'm sorry to hear that it happened to you :( Stay strong and try your hardest. and of course stay safe <3